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Top three mistakes people make in taking healthcare decisions

‘Your body is a temple and you must worship it’ - A thinking individual can find lot of sense in this statement. Health decisions are some of the very critical choices we make for our loved ones and ourselves. Healthcare choices, especially the irreversible choices such as surgeries, critical therapies etc., made today affect our present as well as future state of well-being for a long time. Here are a few points which must be considered before making a critical decision.

  1. Identification of right medical expert – This is the most important aspect of the healthcare decision. Treatment by a right medical expert can bring relief from the ailment but at the same time a wrong professional can make the damage for the life time. With rise of e-commerce industry, consumer is constantly bombarded with offers and deals on consumer goods and services. Our choices for these products and services are often influenced by the prices and promotional deals offered and it has become our second nature to look for deals and offers whenever we are making a decision to buy a product or avail a service. But when it comes to healthcare decision, price and promotional offers should be our last priority.
  2. Who’s paying? – In lot of cases decisions regarding  hospital, doctor and even decision of getting some procedure done depend on who is paying for the treatment. People don't mind getting some procedure done when they are covered by a health insurance policy, employer’s health scheme or any government health policy. Researches have shown that approximately 50% of the surgical procedures done can either be avoided or delayed. So don't go under the knife just because you don't have to pay for it. Get second or third opinion and get a procedure done only when you need it. 
  3. Where to get right advice? - We all use to have a family doctor who was first point of contact for any problem. The family doctor would also refer the patient to specialist and super specialists as and when required & use to be part of entire treatment. Now due to various reasons the family doctor is the last person who comes to know about some injury or ailment. People are much more aware about the ailments and tend to approach specialists and super specialists directly. I feel it is not the right approach as specialists and super specialists are experts only in their own fields and may not have a holistic view of patients health unlike a family doctor. 

Health is the only wealth  -  To protect it our decision should not be biased by price, promotions, who’s paying and other factors

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